Reduce training expenditures, operate through a global network of resources and create dynamic workflows. CertScanner provides businesses everything they need to stay in sync.

No credit card needed

Shows the certificate status of the employee, overlaying the departments

All-in-one solution for your business

Organise users and have complete insight of your employees.

Transform time-consuming paper spreadsheets to digital dynamic workflows

Run projects smoothly and use streamlined procedures throughout your entire team.

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Work intuitively with your team

Enable multiple members of your company to be a user in the CertScanner platform. Organise your users into specific teams based on vessels and stay on top of your organisation.

Manage paid users and create teams.


Track the professional path of employees in the most efficient way possible.

Holistic workflow

Find the right personnel in no-time and filter through suitable employees using state-of-the-art matrices. Manage your entire workflow in one platform.

Accurate work schedules

View staff agendas and make quick adjustments when your spot overlaps in schedules. Discover staff availability the fastest way possible.

Secured verification process

Authentication of certificates is indisputable within CertScanner, accomplishing a great database of validated certificates.

Efficient bookings

Bookings can be viewed by just one click. Through CertScanner's efficient booking system, you are able to view an employees progress and future ambitions.

Clear-cut portfolios

Oversee an employees portfolio at one glance. Analysing an staff member's suitability to specifics projects has never been easier.

Live course availability

Manage every staff related aspect of current and upcoming projects. Create a holistic view including budget forecasts and professional certification.


Manage every staff related aspect of current and upcoming projects. Create a holistic view including budget forecasts and professional certification.

Customise your project

Create detailed projects based on necessary requirements. Add all your desired information and view every aspect of the project in one place.

Organise your workforce

Create a clear overview of your crew and work in subcategories for your projects. Divide your personnel easily into different departments.

Use detailed matrices

Avoid cross-checking personnel in duplicate spreadsheets. Browse easily through potential employees using matrices and find the right fit in no-time.

Align certificates with job titles

Set certificate requirements and create supporting job titles. Get insight in one overview and see how many employees match the selected job title.

Manage training expenditures

Get a clear overview of the budget. Discover the details of upcoming projects and accurately forecast future expenses.

Meet your clients needs

Create the ability to incorporate alternative matrices for secondary job roles or client-specific demands.

Monitor certificates in real time

Save time by eliminating the demanding task of keeping track of employees and their certificates. See the big picture in one overview with the all-in-one platform.

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Monitor certificates in realtime while employees are assigned to a project

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CertScanner boosts project performance by reducing training costs, maximizing time on-site and increasing profitability.


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